These rocks are the ideal place to sit, stare, climb, wonder, explore and find.  Find the giant’s boot, said to be size 93.5, sit in the wishing chair where once only ladies were allowed to do that, stare at the towering columns that make up the organ and search for the camel and interesting creatures in rock pools.


Enjoy amazing scenery and sea views in any weather – rocks and calm blue seas or crashing wild waves.  On a good day, see the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.


Discover the walking/nature trails and on the cliff tops watch for buzzards, sparrow hawks, kestrels, ravens, house martins and more. On the shoreline and lower paths, look out for many kinds of sea birds such as fulmars, cormorants and kittiwakes.  Many wild flowers and creepy crawlies also grow and live all around the area.


Explore the Visitors’ Centre with its exhibitions, shop and café.  It offers a small hand held audio guide which describes various aspects of the Causeway and can be taken down to the stones.


Read all about Finn McCool, his wife Oonagh and their tricks to outdo the enemy, the Scottish Giant Benandonner.

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