by Danny McLaughlin

Revolve Comics is a design and publication house, located in the heart of the city of Derry~Londonderry. Only opening their doors recently the local superheroes already have had an impact, they’ve worked with artists from as far off a Spain to artists who are born and bred in their home town. the produce comics for entertainment value like their flag ship comic series “Solstice”, Writer Danny McLaughlin describes it as “A fantasy that explores the possibilities in the human condition and its got big ass god monsters too” and Nathan Donnel, artist on Solstice, adds, “the art is something like you haven’t seen before”. So it sounds like you could check that out.

Revolve Comics has also been leading the way in making comics into learning resources, a few examples would be that of the innovative Diabetes Comic, which is free to read online, and a number of Historical Comics, made in conjunction with the Nerve Centre.

The guys from Revolve are very active, they host a plethora of workshops all over the North-west, teaching the skills of art and storytelling. They also appear at many of the local comicbook festivals and conventions and regularly attend local shops for launches and signings of their work- particularly in the beloved Angry Cherry store on Foyle Street in the City.

If you like your inner geek getting out then check out what these guys are up to as they have their finger on the nerd pulse.


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