Our guide for nightlife and music in Derry and Donegal gives you insights into how to plan the perfect trip.

In recent years Derry and Donegal have seen a massive increase in the amount and quality of musicians, bars, night clubs and concerts. We cover all the best options giving you a complete guide to the Northwest.


The Northwest has hosted to the famous Fleadh Festival and is constantly buzzing with the sounds of traditional Irish music. The sound of the boron, the tin whistle, the acoustic and the authenticity of the Irish singers make this a perfect destination for traditional music lovers and ‘the curious’ set on finding a cultural experience in a range of cosy and energetic settings.


In recent years Derry / Londonderry and Donegal have been subject to massive renovations and new clubs. These nightclubs including Voodoo, 57 Waterloo Street, Sugar and Liberty’s continually attract celebrity figures, TV personalities and top musicians from across the globe.


In recent years the Dance scene in the Northwest has flourished attracting top DJ’s from around the world as well as local DJ’s making it onto the international stage. With regular gigs in local nightclubs and occasionally a momentous rave in an underground car park this scene has attracted people from all over the world. Each year the Northwest holds one of the largest electronic festivals in the UK and this year will be no different. Click here to find out more about ‘Celtronic Festival’.