I’ve recently had the privilege of attending a private cast/crew screening of  Saving Santa; Directed by local filmmaker Keith O’Grady, Saving Santa, is one of a number of short film screenings that has been held at the Brunswick Moviebowl Cinema in the past. A screening mostly for the cast and crew involved in making the film, which tells a story of a young girl befriends a man down on his luck who she believes to be Santa Claus. It’s a great little snippet of the life of a family as they struggle to adapt after a personal tragedy.An uplifting story, Keith O’Grady’s direction compliments the material. By framing interactions between characters and conversations in close ups , he gets across an intimate lived in quality of the family to the audience. This is especially effective when it comes to young lead Eva Morris. While the whole cast are great it is Eva’s interactions with Gordon Fulton as the man she believes to be Santa Claus, are the heart of the film. The film culminates in a poignant scene where the emotion of it falls solely on her natural ability as an actress.

img_2888Helmed by writer Jonathon Fulton and director/producer Keith O’Grady, part of Brassneck productions, Saving Santa has been brought to life through Northern Ireland Screen. The film is expected to enter the festival circuit in 2017 and hopefully a distribution deal in the process.  The film truly deserves it. While the film portrays the hardships of life for people after tragedy befalls them, it also presents how with a caring mindset, people can make those hardships a bit more bearable for people. For people who took part both behind and in front of the camera, they should be proud of being part of a lovely Christmas film and as a film-buff myself, it’s great to see a film like this emerge out of Northern Ireland. Here’s hoping it gets all the success it deserves in the coming year and that it will affect more audiences like it did at its private screening at Brunswick Moviebowl.

Brunswick Moviebowl is a great place for families, film buffs and filmmakers alike. Not just for the likes of Hollywood img_2894blockbusters that are hosted all year round but also for private film screenings if requested such as this. Derry features a growing scene that is welcome to host emerging artists from a range of differing fields. Art Institutions and businesses such as Brunswick Moviebowl, the Nerve Centre, The Playhouse and The Verbal Arts Centre are just a few. Brunswick Moviebowl has hosted the Foyle Film Festival for the last couple of years and you can read about them in the articles featured below.

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