Leading up to the fort is a long winding road and once at the top the view is amazing with a backdrop of craggy mountain tops, the Foyle to the North, the Swilly stretching out in front with Inch Island and its Causeway in the centre.

Once through the lintel covered entrance, there is a round grassy base with three terraces rising up from this, running right round the walls and accessed by a series of stone steps.  On the bottom terrace there are two small openings leading to passageways inside the walls which are 13 feet thick, but now not accessible.  It is thought that perhaps these might have been hiding places for women and children when the fort was under attack.


From the top terrace the views are excellent and on a good day at least three different counties can be seen displaying their mountains, forests and waterways.
Walk a short way to the well and feel the history of the area where St Patrick once walked.

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