img_2232Filmmakers, local to Northern Ireland and beyond, this is the place to come with your films. All of your time, all of your money, all of your hard work that you put into them can pay off through the Foyle Film Festival LIM film competition. With a number of categories to submit to and enjoy ranging from International shorts, Irish shorts, documentaries and animation, this is the festival for you, but that’s not only reason that’ll interest you. ‘Dance Lexie Dance’, a short film produced in Derry by Raw Nerve Productions went on to get an Oscar nomination, gaining the Foyle Film Festival Oscar affiliation. Now, winning at the festival instantly grants people Oscar qualification, as opposed to setting up a theatrical release.

img_2252Throughout the week, the Nerve Centre hosts screenings of submissions for the festival. A great time to view a wave of visually creative and spellbinding stories. From dark humour to tense horror, whimsical fantasy to grim reality, there’s a great variety of films to see, especially for the people behind them. Filmmakers can come see their own films amongst an audience and other competing submissions. Filmmakers like Denver Jackson and Brendan Cleaves who have come from abroad with their films.

Jackson, a VFXimg_2291 artist and animator has woven together an adventurous tale of fantasy themed around loss, the Wishing Jar, almost a year in the making. Cleaves has, a music video director and comedy writer has brought his film, Roger, Roger is a comedy short starring comedian Seann Walsh and John Bradley (Game of Thrones) as two friends, one of them having replaced the other with a ventriloquist doll called Roger after a holiday in Mongolia.


The festival closed this year with a screening of ‘The Eagle Huntress’, the story of a young girl who trains to become img_2300the first female eagle hunter in 12 generations of her Kazakh family. Before, the winning submissions were announced. One of those winners was ‘Gridlock’ for Irish Short film, a tense thriller of a father who loses his child in the middle of a traffic jam where everyone is a suspect. The team behind it have been hard at work the last couple of years trying to get into the festival and it’s paid off them. A great closing night for audience’s and filmmakers, the Foyle Film Festival is a key event to get a glimpse of first hand in Derry.


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