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With a poet’s heart and a rockster’s soul, Luka Bloom is regarded as one of Ireland’s most respected contemporary folk artists.

He’s had an astonishing musical career having produced over 20 albums since the 1970s and even today continues to push the boundaries of what his music can do. A master interpreter, Bloom has continued to balance original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters.

Like many who write songs, Luka’s orchestra of choice is the guitar. What makes him different is his constant search for a new voice within the guitar. The guitar is the landscape on which the song is created – a landscape that he forever probes for new inspiration.

Eschewing effects and gadgets, Luka instead investing time, effort and a whole lot of love to bring forth new voicings within the instrument. Bit by bit the songs come to life and eventually, they fly bringing Luka with them to be heard in Byron Bay, San Francisco, Hamburg, or even Doolin.

It’s almost 40 years since recording his first album but Luka Bloom is still as important and vibrant as ever. He comes to The Balor as part of a nationwide tour showcasing his latest album ‘Frugalisto’.

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