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Oona Doherty performs a distillation of the Male.

Thumping sweaty theatre. Dance as virtuosic states, heaving lungs shout in the dark. Doherty takes you through a dirty Europe, on a shared nervous system.

This is a physical expression of the place between the flesh and the soul. Hope Hunt is an attempt to deconstruct the stereotype of the concrete disadvantaged male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. It looks to make the smicks, the spides, the hoods, the gypsies, the knackers, into the birds of paradise. It is a hunt for hope.

“You can’t help but be moved. Choral music fills the room as Doherty combines threatening gestures with the beautiful turns of classical dance. Dismissed lowlifes are elevated to greater heights, in an artist’s demand for their respect.” Chris McCormack

Winner of the 2016 Dublin Tigre Fringe Award : Best Performance
Nominated for Best Production

Followed by an after show gig in The Cottage Bar from Derry based 4 piece Strength.

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