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Felt the Rain: An exhibition by Textile Artist, Michelle McKee

10 Nov 2016 to 3 January 2017

The question; ‘is it a painting or is it fabric?’ often arises when viewers engage with the unique hand felted pictures created by Textile Artist; Michelle McKee. Working from her studio in Donegal Town, Michelle uses wool to create hand felted dramatic landscape pictures. The wool is matted together with soapy water to form felted images which capture a sense of energy and movement. The atmospheric art works are finished with stitch and hand embroidery, resulting in a deep, luxurious, tactile quality. Michelle finds that wool is the ideal medium to produce images which reflect the unpredictable skies and vivid landscapes of the Irish outdoors.

‘The wool is a natural source and it is unpredictable to work with – it lends itself beautifully towards creating wild and rugged outdoor scenes’.

This exhibition focuses on changeable Irish weather conditions and striking, ambient skies, through a unique collection of printed and original hand felted art works. The images on display are a stimulating array of colourful landscapes and landmark buildings from around Donegal and beyond.

‘My idea is to express and explore the potentials and possibilities of hand made felt, whilst capturing the mood, mysticism and colour of Irish land and skies. My creations emphasise wool as an alternative form, which can be used in a similar way to paint, pastel, pencil and charcoal’.

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