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Anúna was founded in 1987 by Irish composer Michael McGlynn in an effort to create a physical voice for his compositions, many of which are strongly influenced by the history and mythology of his homeland. Ireland has a long and sophisticated history of traditional singing or sean nós which McGlynn uses as the basis for many of his arrangements and compositions.

The name Anúna is derived from the Gaelic term An Uaithne, a collective description for the three ancient forms of Irish music – Goltraí (song of lament), Geantraí (song of joy) and Suantraí (the lullaby). An Uaithne and subsequently ANÚNA, is a uniquely beautiful instrument. The purity and natural techniques that are employed by the singers explore the stories of ordinary people, poets, saints and scholars.

Within these songs are universal truths told through the landscape, the philosophy and the mythology of Ireland and beyond.

Psalm singing is at the heart of worship in the Presbyterian Gaelic tradition in Scotland. Bringing with them a unique sound and singing tradition, the Lewis Psalm Singers from the Free Church congregations on the island of Lewis, provide a unique and stunningly beautiful insight into Gaelic culture.

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