Enjoy the scenery all around and have a closer look at the rocks and ocean from the steps which lead below the castle.

Look closely at the information stands. See how the rooms were laid out and how the MacDonnells lived, the games children played and where the ‘no need to flush toilet’ once stood!

Study the timelines to follow the history of the families who lived there

and see the types of tapestries, curtains and furniture which were used to furnish various rooms.  Many of these would have come from London.


From the leaflet read about and discover the Brew House for example and see where holes show where various cauldrons stood when beer and ale were made for the castle and neighbours.See where the Stables housed the horses belonging to the owners and visitors.

Remains of The Gatehouse, Curtain Wall, Loggia, South East Tower, Kitchen, Buttery and Manor House also have similar interesting tales to tell.  




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