Doagh Famine Village


At a turn off the R 238 from Carndonagh to Ballyliffen and then 4 km along a narrow winding road is The Famine Village.  It is situated on The Isle of Doagh (not really an island)  beside The Five Finger Strand and looks over Trawbreaga Bay towards the Malin Peninsula.


A series of thatched cottages which were inhabited until 1984 are now laid out showing how life was lived during famine times until now, touching on topics such as survival, eviction,  culture and recent history.


Walking from one area to another along a covered walkway there are information panels, colourful leaflets and excellent models showing how local acres of land were laid out the way farms and homes might have looked.  


Each room of the cottages depicts a different aspect of life.

In the Home House can be seen everyday items for cooking and eating and another room shows an automated settle bed which takes the unwary visitor by surprise!


In The Wake House visitors will learn what it is and why there was a wake after a death.


The Safe House tells the story of The Peace Process in Northern Ireland and shows what secrets a ‘safe house’ can have and how they were used.


Many more interesting facts are in The Orange Hall and in the outside exhibits. And a visit to the Haunted House can finish off a most intriguing and satisfying tour -which wouldn’t be completely finished without a visit to the café for a welcome cuppa.

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