Join this conducted tour and be sure to be thoroughly impressed by all that there is to see and hear.

In The Wake House hear all that might have happened to the body in the coffin and the

many well-known sayings which arise from the wake, causing many a surprised ‘OH!’

As an example where did ‘a dead ringer’ come from?


Enjoy the journey from one area to another and study the models of the local countryside and information boards along the way. Hear about the exhibits which sit outside.


Be ready to be a detective to find a way in and a way out of The Safe House and learn the serious story behind it.  


See how a family lived in a thatched cottage with none of the amenities homes have today for providing food, cooking and washing.


This is really a living museum and has something for every age group from old to young and in between with reminiscences for some and learning experiences for others.

And then, there is the haunted house for anyone who dares!

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