See the Tower and climb the rocks at the topmost point in Ireland.  See where the Radio Station sits on lower land.

Below Banba’s Crown is a path winding along the coast and passing a very deep cavern called Hell’s Hole where the ocean crashes in and out.  A natural rock formation nearby is called the Devil’s Bridge

Along the coast from Banba’s Crown is an unusual raised beach which shows that many, many years ago, the sea level was once 100 feet higher than it is today.  Semi-precious stones are said to be found here.

Travel around narrow winding roads where, in places, small homes sit nearly on the road – real signs of times gone by.

All along this peninsula the scenery is dramatic and exciting – perhaps made even more so if the dolphins decide to show themselves swimming just off shore or really showing off their skills of leaping and diving to the audience at the harbour.  

And of course the area around Banba’s Crown has recently been used for some of the scenes in Game of Thrones!

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